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Rozalia Mancewicz crowned Miss Polonia 2010 � Miss Poland Universe 2011

Rozalia Mancewicz crowned Miss Polonia 2010. She will represent Poland in Miss Universe 2011
Rozalia Mancewicz was crowned Miss Polonia 2010 or Miss Poland Universe 2011 in the building of Lodz International Fair EXPO (Street W�lczanska 199) on December 11th, 2010. Rozalia will represent Poland in Miss Universe 2011.

Rozalia is 23 years old and stands 1.75 m. She is currently a student of English. Rozalia was Miss Poland Teen 2004. She represented Poland in Miss Tourism Queen International where she finished in 4th place. Now she will prepare to very difficult road for Polish beauties, to Miss Universe 2011 Pageant.
Rozalia also won Miss Internet and Miss Webmsaters titles. She is also the first woman from Podlasie region to win the title.
The 1st RU is Agnieszka Koscielniak of Malopolska, 20, 170cm (number 5)

Rozalia Mancewicz - Miss Polonia 2010

The 2nd RU is Natalia Tomczyk of Wielkopolska, 20, 180cm (number 16)
The winner, chosen by TV viewers, was crowned by Maria Nowakowska Miss Polonia 2009.
Among the special panel of judges, who were there only to help viewers to choose new miss, were Miss Polonia titleholders from the past � Miss Poland�87 and 3rd RU Miss World�87 and 1st RU Miss Europe�88 Monika Nowosadko\, Miss Poland�91 and Miss Planet�92 Karina Wojciechowska,\ Miss Poland�04 and 3rd RU Miss World�04, Miss Earth Water�05 Katarzyna Borowicz, and \ Miss Poland�07 Barbara Tatara.
The winner won the car Opel Merita, jewellery, trip to Mexico for two weeks and ticket to Miss Universe!


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