Selasa, 11 Januari 2011

Flowers blossoms are signs of Tet

Villages outside the ancient city of Hue are full of blossoming flowers and lush gardens; a welcome sight for visitors and clear reminder that Tet is coming.

Tien Non village, Phu Mau commune, Phu Vang district, is the largest flower garden that serves not only Thua Thien-Hue province but also nearby Quang Tri and Quang Binh provinces.
Visitors are welcomed with a breathtaking view and captivating fragrance which surrounds the gardens at this time of year.
Locals say that nearly eight thousand lily trees and over two million yellow daisy trees are grown in the village to prepare for the coming Hue spring trade fair during the Tet holiday.
Gardener Nguyen Tin said, �I grow 7,000 clumps of daisies in my garden. I am hoping to earn over VND10 million (USD500) from selling flowers during the holiday.�
Nearby, Nguyen Van Duan�s garden is filled with flowers from Dalat, which have turned out buds. He has grown them for a year in anticipation of the Lunar New Year.
Fellow gardener Le Van Lu was happy to share that, �Although my flower garden blossoms sooner than others, I hope the cool weather keep them beautiful until the Tet holiday and bring in more profit.�
Many believe that flower prices in Tien Non this year will be lower due to a large supply.
Blossoming flowers are a reminder that Tet is coming
Gardeners busy watering flowers in anticipation of Tet
Cold weather is expected to keep the flowers blossoming until Tet
By Dai Duong

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